Monday, 9 February 2015

Window seat- Little pleasures of life.

Window seat- Flying-
What were the little things you remember squabbling with your siblings/ cousins/ friends for as a child ? 

Let us list ours 
- sitting next to mom/dad 
- the last bar of chocolate in the fridge 
- the TV remote 

and drum roll please ... 
- the window seat.. 

Remembered squabbling over it everywhere the car, the bus, at home when it rains, in the train on those long journey back home...and now of course on the plane.. 

Now every flight there is the two of us bickering with our daughter for that prized window seat.. We know we are supposed to behave like responsible adults and just offer the window seat to our wide-eyed, cute-faced pleading four-year old..! But guess we haven't grown up ourselves :-) 

So what is so great on the window seat for us . A view of the landscape, the cottony clouds, the lights of the city, greenery, desert, even the wings of the airplane. 

What does our daughter do when she is in the seat...? Flip the window shutters up and down all through the flight.... till a flight attendant or an annoyed passenger asks her to stop :-) (If only you know what she does next... the food tray... up and down.) Well pesky fliers we are... 
Anyways we now have a agreement among us. One person during take off, another at landing and one during the flight... 

Here is what we love about them. 

  • Its so romantic to be watching the world below you.
  • The lights of the city are all the more mesmerizing
  • Amazing view of nature.
  • The clouds, the sun, the moon and everything up there
  • Makes air travel happier.
  • You go all philosophical, what a small speck we are in this mighty huge world.
  • Saves you from the food carts and the elbows of the cabin crew.
  • What is not there to love about the prized window seat.

Some shots out of the window seat in our recent air travel. 

Window seat- Flying-
City lights

Window seat- Flying-
Shoreline of a city that awaits!

Window seat- Flying-
Can it get greener than this?

Window seat- Flying-
Awesome backwaters!

Window seat- Flying-
Our favourite Hajjar mountains;-)
So the next time you fly .. if you do get to choose, do take the window seat. And do let us know the sights and sounds you captured.. 

If you do not get the window seat you may just be sandwiched between two other passengers or even worse, have a view only down the aisle. 

And for a peek into what other people have caught on camera from their window seat on a plane.

Can't wait to see your list!


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  1. Haha! This is fun! I always secretly wish for a window seat when traveling with my son and as soon as he is off for a nap, I shift him so that I could watch an aeroplane fly over the clouds! Love that bird's eye view picture of Hajjar mountains - so serene!

    1. That's so cute... Please share how you manage to make the little one to have a nap;-)
      That has never been possible yet in our case!
      It was breathtaking, the Hajjar mountains, glad I could capture it.

  2. I always bargain for this seat with my son whenever we travelling as I can rest my head there read book quietly take nap enjoy the scene out & do many other things sometimes he gives

    1. I have always been bad at bargaining. Good one! Books! Ah! such a good travel companion. Picked loads of them this time. :-) Cheers to the window seat:-)
      Thanks for stopping by , Priyanka.

  3. Remembered my childhood where we used to compete for the window seat.. It always ended up as while going somewhere it's me and while coming back it's my brother reigning at the window seat ..

    1. So true, Vasudha. Me and my siblings had the same wars, all fought over sitting near the window.