Sunday, 23 March 2014


 Hi There!!

                    Meet a whimsical Indian couple, who just moved to UAE, with their sweet little daughter.

                     Rainbows come, and we begin to dream. We see them in a myriad of views, in multitude of colors. They bring in some rain, some cloud, and lot of sunshine...
                    But the most important of all, they set us free to smile....

Ahem... Who are they??


The wife, an avid DIY-er and crafts person, home decor enthusiast, a novice in creating little girl clothes, travel buff, voracious reader and a dentist by profession.

She is finicky about organizing, loves to debate on anything under the sun, expressive, emotional, at times very practical, an anchor in difficult times.


The husband, an eager and amateur cook, budding photographer, loves travelling, cricket-lover, keen reader, movie buff and banker by profession.

He loves to relax, takes things easy, a happy-vibe person, goes lengths to bring smiles to his dear ones, the friend you will trust.

The Little munchkin:

Very articulate with her words and thoughts. Loves to write, color, draw, dance and sing. Gives a million hugs and kisses. Loves noodles and sausages.

Why this Blog??

                 The combination of the above characters, share an enticing tale of travelling to beautiful places, tasting home-cooked meals, the latest movies and at times shopping till their feet hurt. They also weave episodes of calmness, the wonder of parenting, D-I-Y creations and at times simply the essence of life!!

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