Wednesday, 9 April 2014

"The Perfect Cup of CHAI !!"

Most Indians have an affinity for a "cup of chai" (sorry coffee lovers:) ). Having steaming cup of hot tea with a special someone, from a street side vendor. Having a cup of tea with your friends at wee hours when you have an exam the next morning. The first tea a nervous guy sips when he is arranged to meet his future bride. Having a cup of tea sitting by the window, along with a plate of garam (hot) pakodas (a fried indian snack) when it rains outside. So many memories.. are made over a cup of tea.

Me and Zain met in an arranged marriage setup; completely oblivious to each others likes and dislikes. Through the course of our courtship, I came to know that my husband and his "cup of CHAI" are inseparable.

Now that's easy I thought, I 'll make him a few cups a day and he would be in bliss. Well, after the nuptials, I came to know he has varieties of chai lined up, the masala chai, the ginger chai, the cardamom chai, etc. etc.. I did try my hand at it, but it didn't turn out that he fell in love with them. They ended up more like failed experiments.

So over the course of five years I handed over the department of making tea to him. And I must say he is a MASTER at it. Now I am greeted in the morning with a cup of steaming hot chai. Amn't I lucky, now I am the biggest fan of his chai.

Perfect cup of chai

After we moved to UAE and were setting up our new home, I began organizing our kitchen (and its still on!!). I was struck with an idea of making him a beautiful tiny "TEA STATION". Since we had less counter space, the tea station took form on our wall shelf.

A few beautiful mason jars, lots of DIY labeling, and all ingredients poured in. TA DA!!! Our very own tiny 'Tea-Station'! Boy! he was delighted wen he came back from work.

A tiny tea station- DIY

Now there is a smile on his lips every morning he makes our chai. And I smile every morning, for the pleasure of drinking it:)

This was our Chai-story....eagerly awaiting to hear yours...

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  1. I really need a tea station like yours, great way to enter the kitchen! I wish my husband would make me chai-instead I had to perfect it :-) Thanks for changing your comment options and for visting my blog too. Nice to connect.

  2. Thank you for the sweet comment:-) Anyways, he had hard luck getting the perfect "chai" from me, so he chose the easier option of making it himself I guess....
    Do stop by often.

  3. Superb! I love this idea of tea station and am already contemplating getting my own one as well. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

    1. Glad to hear you loved it! The look of euphoria on Zain's face was absolutely precious, only a chai-crazed person can understand! Hope it makes your early morning chai even more delightful.

      Nice to connect, especially over the discussion of chai!

      P.S. Love your blog name:-)