Sunday, 11 May 2014

Soya chunks- Veg biryani

This yummy dish, is just for those lazy days.. when u don't want to get up or are hard-pressed for time ..but the stomach still grumbles:-) 

soya chunks veg biriyani preparation

The soya-chunk veg biriyani is a one-pot dish, with preparation time of 15 min and cooking time of 15 min. Its finger licking good... laden with proteins and all the other goodies the soya and vegetables provide. Soya chunks are also a good meat substitute and may do well for vegetarians if you also skip the chicken stock I added.

Well, my daughter vouches for this, ... "Mommy I love this rice with broccoli. You are an awesome mumma" she says. If I can satisfy her taste buds and her mood and still pack in some nutrients, I consider my day an accomplishment. 

Psst..... Zain just called up from work to tell me the lunch was super-yummy... Double delight!!

the ingredient list in soya chunks- veg biriyani

soya chunks- veg biriyani preparation


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  1. I have never made Biriyani properly so will have to try out your recipe! Where do you buy soya chunks? Would Meena Bazaar have them?

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by.
      The authentic biryani is a different procedure, with a lot more flavors. This is my easier version on a busy weekday..:) I get my soya chunks from Nesto hypermarket. You would find them in any large Indian hypermarket like Lulu, I guess..Not sure about Meena bazaar though. I have seen a handful of Indian groceries, you may try them out too.

      Hope you try this easy comfort food. Let me know how it turned out!!

  2. I'm loving this! This is so good. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you tonight at 7 at our party. I can't wait! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thank you for the sweet comments, Kimberly. Love the party!

  3. This looks so amazing & I love that it's one pot!! Thanks so much for linking up with #foodpornthursdays x

    1. Thank you! Yes One pot dishes are so easy to stir up.