Monday, 30 June 2014


Well we just completed 4 years of parenthood!! 
We have grown up along the way and learnt to be responsible for someone other than our precious-selves. 

Sharing our secret wisdom, here:

-Early morning is just too early.
-8 hours sleep every night is just a myth, well at times even 6 hours is.  
-You get pushed off the bed no matter which side you sleep in. 
-Still have a appetite for food on the table at dinner in spite of the many wash room breaks the little one has. 
-You can eat tasteless mixed up food with your child. 
-The best outings are to the play areas and parks. 
-A romantic dinner with spouse is watching cartoon network with a kid jumping up and down the couch. 
-You forget wearing heels and roam around in sneakers, (and pajamas). 
-Your house looks like a war zone of all shapes and sizes of toys. 
-You can make weird and funny faces and noises to keep the young one giggling. 
-You are more updated about the best nurseries and schools and parenting practices, than the latest financial news or government policies (it doesn’t impact our lives as much now does it??!!) 
-You read the news paper and fear every possible danger from harming your child. 
-You cry on the first day at work post-maternity break. 
-You are more nervous/ tearful than an eager 4-year-old on her first day of school. 
-You are more worried about missing the school bus, than getting late for work. 
-Realize that you are so emotionally malleable that a 4-year-old can melt you down with a cute face and a blink of tears. 
-The biggest stress buster is happy face of your child. 
-It brings out the creative side of your personality. 

Does this rake in celebrations?? Of course it does... 

There is nothing as exciting, emotional and satisfying role in life than that of being a parent. 

Well here is what we did. A gold-themed-birthday with a mom-made princess frock and d-i-y decor. 

Happy birthday to the gift of our lives!!

diy gold princess birthday dress for 4 year old

diy gold decoration, sequin door hanging, monogram vase, contact paper polka dot wall

                                                                                                         ZAIN & FARZ



  1. A gorgeous dress befitting a princess.

    1. Thank you so much, Tessy. She absolutely loved that dress.

  2. Your words of wisdom are so true. Parenting is evolving experience of learning and gradually ends when the kids themselves become parent.

    1. Hi Vasudha
      Thanks for dropping by!!
      Parenting is a highly evolving and dynamic relationship. But I don't think it ever ends. It evolves, to a full cycle. Its a bond that can never ever be replaced. A lovely bond at that.

  3. This is so sweet! Fabulous dress. She is your golden girl. Thanks for sharing at the Best of the Blogosphere link up

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you so much for the linkup:)

  4. oh wow!! such a lucky little gift.. I love how you've described parenthood on top.. I love the gold dress!! You made it!! Its simply superb... Love the gold decorations too..