Thursday 20 August 2015

A SPRINKLING OF "FROZEN": D-I-Y Elsa Dress and a FROZEN Birthday

This post has been due for long....our little one turned five this year. We had a memorable birthday.
It was a no-brainer that she wanted a FROZEN birthday complete with an ELSA dress.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

So here is the story of how we made it happen :)

The dress that Elsa wears as she goes up to the North Mountain is amazing, and the details were too good. I wanted to replicate the look but in a way that flatters a 5-year-old frame and can still be used as a party dress and not just for pretend play.

I got hold of some beautiful sequined net fabric and some organza and set about making this dress.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

The dress is not an exact replica of what ELSA wears, but a close inspiration.

The first step was to make an underskirt or crinoline. A simple layered 3-tier of a stiff tulle over an cotton skirt can easily make the skirt puff up. The shortest layer of tulle goes underneath and the longest on top. The layers can be increased to give more puff. But I stuck with three.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

The princess asked for a dress that would let her dance around with a lot of "woosh" to LET IT GO. So I settled for a two layer of circle skirt above this underskirt, the inner circle skirt would be of satin and the outer skirt made of organza.

Making a circle skirt seems easy, but a bit of maths is required. I stumbled upon this genius  Circle skirt APP by BYHANDLONDON.COM
Its so easy to calculate the length of fabric needed , and the radius of the waist and the length of the skirt.

Sewing both the circles and the underskirt, here's what it looks like.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

I kept the bodice simple with a cotton lining, as the fabric itself was a beautiful net with sequins and rhinestones. A sash in satin to the waist and I set out to sew by hand some sparkly rhinestones to the sash and in a cascading effect on the skirt. This took the longest time of all.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

The dress can never be complete without the cape, can it?? A good length of tulle and some elastic for the bands to put the arms through. The cape can be worn and removed on whim. I could not recreate the rhinestones on the train. But I cut some snowflakes out of a sparkly white organza and sewed it down to the end.

Here's the link forTHE SNOW FLAKE PATTERN I used. Just substitute paper for some sparkly and stiff fabric.

Some hard work and a lovely dress to keep the little one happy.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

There was no over-the-top pinterest-y party. But we had planned a little sprinkling of FROZEN to keep the birthday girl happy.

An ice castle made of discarded cardboard boxes  for her new set of FROZEN dolls . It was so difficult to keep this in hiding till we revealed it to her on the birthday morning. Some silver christmas ornament balls strung from the ceiling instead of snowflakes.

I got hold of a cute little Happy Birthday Banner printable by LITTLE HOUSE ON THE CIRCLE.
This saved us some time as at the last moment as I was too busy with the dress.  Here is also a link for the fonts we used for the FROZEN Number.

Thus came about a frozen-themed Play Space to surprise the birthday girl as she woke up.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

Now all that was left was a custom birthday invite for a few of her friends. Some Frozen clipart  and we came up with this.
Superimpose a picture of the birthday girl in her ELSA dress over this add up your customized wordings and you have your own frozen personal invite.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

We had around 5 of her friends over to a local learn and play center for lots of running around and fun, and some cake and snacks after wards.

But the biggest event we were lucky to manage to get hold of to celebrate was DISNEY ON ICE. She sang "LET IT GO" till the end.

A Frozen Birthday and DIY Elsa Dress @

We had one happy birthday girl :)

Frozen has been done a million times and is all over the internet.
But here is the list of printables and other resources I used to get this little delight up for my daughter.




FROZEN isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon, most of the little girls would want to be ELSA for some more time. And one more Blog post on a FROZEN birthday wouldn't be too much would it?






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