Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Sleeping beauty - only during day!!

Since the little one was born, she has been very nocturnal, I must say. Her sleep cycles are patterned more during daytime and lesser at night.

We as a family have this thing going on for the last 3 and half years, and still every night is a different matter all together.

At around the age of 1 and half, she woke up from her nightly nap, and rolled up her DAD asking him at 5 in the morning "whether they can go and wash the car!!"

When I rejoined work , she started having a long afternoon nap, in which she sleeps soundly. And I come home back from work late in the evening so we go to bed by 11 . Then the drama begins... there are a few stories to be told. Mamma with the story book! Mamma without the story book!! Mamma tell me a funny story! Papa please read the index and the book cover also !! phew... 
Some nights deep in sleep we realize that she is still awake and talking to her teddy. 

There have been umpteen monsters we have invoked and and after a period of time they lose their fear factor, in her mind... the crow , the tooth fairy, the hungry fish and what not... We are running out of options, you know...

The sun rises next morning on us poor sleep deprived souls. Zain tries to wake her up before he leaves for work at 7 : 30 am... And " Madame R "... gives an epic statement one morning..

" I have just begun sleeping papa , please don't disturb me!!!"

Come April 6th wen she enters kindergarten, school bus reaches at quarter to seven in the morning , God alone knows what we are going to do with this sleeping beauty .....




  1. Haha enjoyed reading it!
    I miss her small fights with me.

    1. She misses her mama too!! Hope to see you during the vacation.