Wednesday 2 September 2015


If there are a few things I would want to pass on to my daughter, among them are
- the love of books
- and the creativity and relaxation of crafting

You must very well know how crazy we are with books and reading from our previous posts



Luckily our daughter just adores books since a tiny age, and we haven't lost the opportunity to feed her desire for more reading. She has a good collection of books in her reading nook. a tiny little library of books which she can pick up as she wants.

Over this two month long summer vacation her school provided her with a great summer project; to be a part of a book reading club. Oh! we were mighty delighted. We managed to get together a few of her friends and had a reading club every week, so many stories were read and so much of imagination of the little minds explored.

I remember the awe I had when I first visited the huge library when I was at school. The towering book shelves, the massive collection of books and being spoilt for choice. I guess it was the right time for our little one to get amazed too.

We decided to pay a visit to SHARJAH LIBRARY.


The first thing that strikes is the beautiful architecture both on the outside and the inside. The motifs adorning the walls, the staircase, the domes, all so pretty. Silently we headed to the children's section first. 

The library was pretty empty and it was nice after a long time to get immersed in the silent world of books. I have no idea how many books we read out to our daughter. There were educational books, fairy tales and other classics. She had a nice time, learning how to choose a book, the etiquette of being in a library and the very feel of having a never-ending choice of books  to read. 
This is definitely on our weekly after school activity list, here on.

Leaving dad and daughter behind, I went over to check out the adult sections in the upper floors. Asking for directions to the medical book sections, I did find some interesting books on dentistry. Will be borrowing some once I make my library card. 
Most of the fields of work had their own sections, Engineering, social sciences, arts etc.
There is a separate section for weeklies and periodicals too. 


  • Its Public.
  • Its located on the Cultural Square (Quran Round about) in Sharjah.
  • Open from 8 am to 8 pm only on weekdays (FRIDAYS closed)
  • A visit is completely free. A lending card has a refundable deposit of 150 AED, the borrower may take 5 books at a time and is to be returned within 15 days of time.
  • A separate and completely cute children's section, with books both in Arabic and in English. 
  • Website :

Make books a part of your little one's world. And if you are in UAE do visit SHARJAH LIBRARY.


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