Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Animal masks : Simple D-I-Y for children

Does creativity help?

Yes it does! It soothes, relieves, unwinds, is therapeutic, sets the imagination free, has no limitation of time and the pleasure of seeing something from imagination take form is an absolute delight.

Well, I m lucky, I had inherited the creativity gene from my talented mom. And am super glad to see the same creative bone in my little daughter. Once back from school, she readily whips out paint, crayon, paper and so many stuff just making collages or any little imagined craft. Some of her favorite shows are mistermakerartzooka and art attack, and I gladly oblige to her requests when she wants to watch them over her TV time.

Between the crazy dentistry I do, me and my little one end up doing some creative project, mostly for her school, or any family event, or just for us. Though I had earlier planned on sharing it over the blog, it just did not happen, mostly because it was not well documented. This time we made sure we got this up.

The little girl has an animal theme this month in her school. and she was asked to make an animal mask. So here is what we got done.

All you need:
A paper plate / chart paper cut in round
Felt / color paper
Marker pen / Sketch Pen
A pair of little hands ready to create :)

Animal mask -

Animal mask -

Animal mask -

Animal mask
And this is supposed to be 'Ra Ra the noisy lion'... look at those gleaming eyes :)

Very easy. Helps during pretend-play. Beware though, they may want to make masks of all the animals the saw in the zoo, and you may end up having stuffed dolls around the house having the masked animal face :)

Animal mask

Great and easy to make for school projects, on a trip to the zoo, or even for birthday party themes/games/favors. Oh and so much fun to do.

Have fun creating.

P.S. Hope this article is a great start to many more creative or fun things to be doing.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Priyanka. Do try them with your little one, the possibilities are endless... and do share them with me.

  2. very very cute.. I love the idea.. Simple & superb!! :)

    1. Thank you Patricia. Getting and keeping a 4-year-old's attention for sometime atleast..:)

  3. Love this! I know a few kids who would love to make these masks. Thanks for linking up with Best of the Blogosphere.

    1. Hi Kendra!
      Thanks for dropping in. Have fun making these. Thank you for hosting Best of the Blogosphere. Wonderful opportunity to read some great blogs and meet some great bloggers! Love to be a part of it.

  4. Lovely craft to do with kids...kiddo and me love our crafting time together. .

    1. Thank you, Lavina. Our crafting time (me and daughter) is our bonding time too :)