Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Why I love winters in UAE!!

I am a bit restless these days, waiting for the weekend, hyper excited about the onset of winter here.

12 to 20 degrees centigrade, hardly counts for winters in the rest of the world, I know. But for the 45+ degree centigrade that scorches us for at least 8 months in a year, I have all rights to be a little crazy for the rest of the four months.

These are some things that I love about the cooler climate here...

The beaches in UAE in winter
The beaches!!

The sun, yes !! The same sun which scorches up the summer is so very soothing in the chilly mornings. The sun when teemed with sand and water, is the best place to be in. This must be the only place where beaches are more frequented in the winters. A perfect weekend morning for us is waking up late, packing a simple brunch, having a picnic at the beach, dipping our toes in the cool water and making sand castles.

Pretty blooms in UAE
Pretty blooms

Flowers and more flowers
Flowers, flowers everywhere!!
The pretty little flowers all over the parks. Another reason not to miss my morning walk.

Fun little abra rides UAE
The abra rides
I love these abra(tiny wooden boat) rides in Dubai. Not only can I look at Dubai's shiny buildings without squinting, but I also can enjoy a cool breeze even if its noon.

Sharjah corniche fogged up
Foggy morning walk

Sharjah Corniche
The same place in the evenings

The blinding fog, that sets in often early in the morn, it reminds me of hill stations. I may be the only weird one to enjoy this,  may be because I don't drive to work:-).

Jebel Hafiet
Picnics in the hills
The little hiking trips we take to the mountains on the outskirts of the city. Just to breathe the fresh air, and walk about barefoot in the grass.

Life in the city
Sitting outdoors, in our favorite restaurants, watching little bits of life in the city.

Everything about winter excites me, the snow man in the malls, the huge Christmas trees, the odd splashes of rain..
Oh so much fun...

Paper Snowman
Paper Snowman
By the way this is the snowman my little one made for school.. on paper though. :-(
Now let me just wish for some snow ;-) Sipping my 1 dhirham CHAI sitting on the beach..

Will get back to be you with so much we have planned for this winter..
Till then enjoy life's little pleasures..


  1. Superb pics supporting your feelings....

    1. Looking forward to spending some great winter weekends with you. Cheers!!

  2. You've captured the winters beautifully...

    1. Thank you for the sweet comments, Patricia. I can't thank you enough for reading each one of my posts, such a great encouragement.

  3. Wow your pics are splendid